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[April 20 2012] : love

How long does it take x Ashiley Theopane by Simon di Principe

How long does it take x Ashiley Theopane by Simon di Principe by Simon di Principe

In the first of a series of films for Purple TELEVISION in which look at ‘the process’ involved in different disiplines. We ask the question – how long does it take? We start with a film directed by british photographer Simon Di Principe featuring british light welterweight boxing champion Ashley Theopane preparing to fight and asking him how long does it take to train for a title fight? “I train for 4 months before a 12 round championship fight. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.” Ashley has trained with some of the world’s greatest fighters in the toughest gyms from London to Brooklyn, having forged an enviable reputation. With much of his youth spent on the wrong side of the law, and heavily involved with the gangs and criminal underworld of inner-city London, the inevitable stretch in prison that followed proved a Damascan experience; bringing with it a change in perspective and motivation, and instilling a newfound inner-drive based on focus and discipline.

His release without conviction six months later gave Ashley a second chance; closing the door on his previous life and throwing himself into his natural talent for boxing, whilst equally furthering his education and raising awareness of the dangers of gun and knife crime for the under-privileged urban youth. Editing by Edward Line at Final Cut and Music ‘In McDonalds’ by Burial.

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