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[October 21 2014] : art

Doug Aitken / Acid Modernism

Doug Aitken / Acid Modernism by Gonzalo Amat

Doug Aitken describes the aesthetic of his home in Venice, California as Acid Modernism. A type of “warm, organic modernism that’s also perceptual and hallucinatory.” The house provides an environment that is wonderful to live in while also being interactive, immersive and open to experimentation.

Watch his exclusive curation of videos for his recent TV Takeover here

Sonic House: Accelerometers and geologically sensitive miscrophones are integrated into the poured foundation of the house. These instruments will measure the sound of the moving earth and sea beneath the foundation, and amplify them live through the speakers in the house. The wooden stairs of the house are embedded with live microphonesin ascending tone, which they can be musically played. There are two functioning tables created for the house, which alternate as sonic tables, one made of hollowed wood chambers and the other constructed of cut bars of marble and stone. Light House: The three story kaleidoscopic staircase becomes the core of the house, and is constructed of angles mirrors, reflecting the sun’s movement to illuminate the interior of the house. The use of light and translucency continues in the form of colored and prismatic glass, which filters entering sunlight.

Film director and Camera – Gonzalo Amat

Producer – Kyra Beckmann

Editor – Anna Wittenberg

Sound Design – Austin Meredith

Percussionists – High Places (Rob Barber and Mary Pearson), Gregory Rogove, and Dylan Ryan

Featuring – Gemma Rosa (red dress)

Music – Lucky Dragons, Freescha and the Percussionists

Landscape Designer – Judy Kameon / Elysian Landscapes

Special Thanks – Selena Linkous, Molly Hunker, Matt O’Connor and Alix Browne

Architecture and Design – Doug Aitken Workshop

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