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[February 6 2014] : art

Lucid TV: Trouble in Paradise starring Arielle Dombasle

Lucid TV: Trouble in Paradise starring Arielle Dombasle by Katerina Jebb

Arielle Laure Maxime Sonnery de Fromental also known as Arielle Dombasle stars in Trouble in Paradise, the transformative body sublimateur brought to you by the prominent Swiss Dermatological Laboratory. The innovative new treatment has been tested in a double blind procedure in which neither the subjects of the experiment nor the persons administering it know the critical aspects of the experiment, which has proved to be an efficient way to guard against both experimenter bias and the placebo effect. In vitro studies report an improvement after 21 days of continued use. The chemical compound of the product does not have peripheral or secondary effects and can be taken on a daily basis in combination therapy with the pharmaceutical mood enhancer Mind and Soul Control. The legendary beauty Dombasle conspiratorially incarnates a woman under the influence of Trouble in Paradise.

Starring Arielle Dombasle

Directed by Katerina Jebb

Edited by Benjamin Ricart at Premiere Heure, Paris

Assisted by Franck Mura and Marius Crowne

Make-up by Alexandra Schiavi

Hair by Sebastien Corroller at the Airport Agency, Paris

Sound engineer Ilias Fortin

Special thanks to Vincent Darre, Fleur Demery, Matphoto Paris and Brachfeld Paris

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