Purple Art

[January 27 2014]

Purple presents the twelve-part film series from Katerina Jebb’s imaginary TV channel Lucid TV

In a digital exclusive, Purple Television presents the twelve-part film series Simulacrum & Hyperbole by the Paris-based British artist Katerina Jebb, released at the Comme Des Garçons Trading Museum in Paris in conjunction with the 2011 fragrance We Can Find Beautiful Things Without Consciousness. Enlisting a slew of international personalities from Tilda Swinton to Arielle Dombasle and Kristin Scott Thomas, Jebb challenges her feminine icons in unexpected and intimate scenarios, unraveling seemingly improvised rants that in fact point to a carefully crafted monologue of epic proportions. Jebb’s sardonic tale of women questions art, commerce and the complex battle between ego and id. Every day we will show one of her insightful videos, each a comment on advertising, illusion and utopian dreams, parodying contemporary consumerism. For the first in the series we are showing the parody fragrance endorsement of Hot Dollar starring the face and spirit of the scent Tilda Swinton which can be seen here.

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