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[June 15 2016] : fashion

EVERYMAN for Joseph

EVERYMAN for Joseph by by Vincent Lacrocq and Kristell Chenut

Purple TV presents the exclusive video for the new Joseph Men’s S/S 2017 collection designed by Louise Trotter and Mark Thomas. Ddirected by Vincent Lacrocq and Kristell Chenut, the film follows a single character, played by Rodolphe Zanforlini , over a period of 48 hours living between Paris and London. He is an urban nomad, seamlessly moving between one environment to another; a transition almost unidentifiable to the viewer. The film pinpoints the contrast between moments of calm which are the quiet moments we cherish and the frenetic pace that we live our lives. EVERYMAN recognizes that we are all intrinsically linked and that no matter where we are from we share a common desire to escape.

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