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[March 27 2014] : art


POSTexhibition by Joshua Stocker

POSTexhibition from POSTmatter blurs the lines between fashion, film, performance, and art through combining performance, fashion and digital artistry in a series of interactive works. The exhibition that featured in Milan earlier this year was a response to the increasingly seamless mingling of our digital and physical lives. “It essentially takes the interactive work, the coding and modules that we pioneered with the iPad editions, to an architectural scale. We’re looking at huge digital artworks that morph and adapt as people move around the gallery space. We’re using technology like Kinect and Leap Motion, but in ways that you’ve definitely never seen before,” says founder and creative director Remi Paringaux.

POSTexhibition launched in Milan and plans to tour globally. Click here to read our exclusive interview with POSTmatter founder and Creative Director Remi Paringaux in Issue 21.

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