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— S/S 2007 issue 7

Summer 2007: Alex

featuring ALEX


It’s not that we couldn’t find a sexy smart celeb, as we generally do, for such an important story in the magazine. But we decided to go to the other side of the spectrum and find someone who perfectly incarnates the girl of today, all of them, in fact all the girls on MySpace.

For such girls every day means a new look. There are no hierachies in their looks, no good or bad taste headaches, no worries over creative designers versus commercial brands.They’re beyond that, smarter than that. They’re consumers unburdened by neurotic complexes. They’re sardonic and polymorphic punk all at the same time. They like everything and believe nothing.

They like the power of brands, but don’t trust in tradition, in luxury, in quality or in any kind of permanence. They love fashion but don’t respect it. Every day they dress up differently, and every day they’re sexy. What counts for them is what’s good for them, right now! How they feel, right now!

And only Terry could capture the essence of what seems more like an anti-attitude. Only he could shoot a girl like Alex, a star of the no-stars generation, a sweetheart of the “experimental jet set”, the ironic post sonic hipsters, all famous on the Internet.

Olivier Zahm, art director — Nicolas Klam, stylist – Seth Goldfarb, photographer’s assistant — Dennis Lanni for BUMBLE & BUMBLE, hair — Franck B @ THE WALL GROUP, make-up

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S/S 2007 issue 7

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