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[January 11 2014] : sex

Voyeurism by Jonathan Leder

Voyeurism is the last of three teasers from the publication Fetishisms Manifesto, who produce a bi-annual erotic publication inspired by the under the counter nudie mags of the 1950’s. The latest issue curated by Amy Nicole Hood and photographed by Jonathan Leder features Emily Ratajkowski, Britany Nola, Amy Hood, Marlo Lavonne and more. On the teaser the photographer and director Johnathan Leder stated “Voyeurism and the male gaze have been considered a relatively common sexual fetish. Voyeurism also has long history in the traditions of both fine art and cinema. The love of looking, or the sexual pleasure derived from looking, Scopophila, is something we wanted to explore in a very informal way. We clearly live in an incredibly voyeuristic society. We just wanted to play around with the idea and take it a step further, tongue in cheek.” The first two teasers can be seen here.

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