Purple Sex

[January 8 2014]

“A Study in Fetishism Manifesto” is out now

Fetishism Manifesto is a new independant bi-annual erotic publication curated by Amy Nicole Hood and featuring photographs by Jonathan Leder. Inspired by the under the counter nudie-mags of the 1950s, A Study in Fetishism Manifesto Vol 1 is limited to 1000 copies. “Obsession is a different form of love, if indeed it is love at all. It seems more like a psychological fetishism of the very act and emotion of love itself. This passionate mania defies society’s idealized expressions of love and romance, promulgated by treacly romanic comedies and greeting card companies. It is edgier, perverse, and far more intense, often manifested in the form of worship and grand objectification” taken from A Study in Fetishism Manifesto Vol 1. Order your copy herePhoto Annabel Fernandes


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