Purple Art

[December 5 2017]

See an exclusive preview of “Maneater” published by Viscous Publications

“With a pulp-flavored, pre New Wave “Bath Art” design aesthetic and a cinematic photographic story inspired by the cult horror and American Grindhouse films of yesteryear comes the visual realm of MANEATER. This latest publication from Viscous LTD creates an imaginative dream-like space attended by a series of provocative analytical essays, together addressing culture’s most recent onslaught of feminism, the fetishization of the ripe “Lolita” type female and the rise of the female role from historically more vulnerable and submissive to that of the multifaceted sometimes destructive power woman, including it’s occasional consequences, and subsequently its example of the adaptation of society to equate the rights of all. A thrilling book of cult, glam-gore intellectualism!”- Viscous Publications

Creative Direction and Design by AMY HOOD
Photography on film by KIRSTEN BODE
“Maneater” is available to preorder here

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