Purple Diary

[February 26 2016]

Out now is RITRATTI from Imperial Pictures Ltd, an intro to 11 Inspiring Women You Need to Know

The project by Jonathan Leder and Amy Nicole Hood seeks to find women who can incite the directionless to rise, contribute, and inspire greatness.

“For this project we decided to use the Polaroid Big Shot for the portraits. This is a fixed lens instant film camera, in fact it is the same camera that Warhol used. There is a certain frankness and honesty that comes with shooting a very limited amount of frames,” said publisher and photographer Jonathan Leder. “Also, there is a power and immediacy and certain rawness to the images this camera creates. The camera uses an analog flash bulb which creates a special quality to the light that really cannot be imitated with a conventional electronic flash. All of these elements together work to create a unique portrait.”

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