Purple Diary

[April 23 2020]

Alexandra Marzella Photographed By Anna Bloda

I’ve always been fascinated by the kitsch imagery of 80’s porn/stars and often play with this theme in my work. Alexandra and I have been in the talks of working together for years and once she became pregnant we knew we wanted to do something to document this precious time. My idea was to shoot her as the infamous porn star and Italian celebrity and political activist Cicciolina, former wife of Jeff Koons. Cicciolina has many crossovers with Alexandra being a creative, a sex worker, a mother, an activist and artist. Alexandra evokes multiple rebirths in her own work and life. Mothers are simultaneously sexual and religious, often walking the line of being a whore and a saint. This shoot all came together just in time as quarantine set in, echoing the calamity of this pandemic. Mothers save worlds.



Anna Bloda, photography Alexandra Marzella, model Phil Gomez, Stylist — Yukie Yamasaki, Hair — Amy Kate, Make-up. 

Text and photo Anna Bloda

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