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[June 23 2013] : art

Vezzoli’s The Trinity by Ivan Olita

To celebrate’s Vezzoli’s first extensive international retrospective Trinity starting at Maxxi and then MoMA PS1 and MOCA, Ivan Olita thought that there could be no better way then to ask the artist himself to provide his own imaginery trinity of characters to dig deeper [and at the same time superficially as Vezzoli himself teaches] into his kaleidocopic and celebrity-filled work and practice. Father, son and holy spirit. Anna Coliva,director of Galleria Borghese in Rome, as a representative of the classic world he relies on. Delfina Delettrez Fendi, as somene who is, throw her jewelry creations, investigating surrealism in a different way then he does. Stefano Tonchi, as someone who always supported him as a long time true friend. The rest is just about Vezzoli, his works, his own fetish celebrities and his spectacle of the world, and of the self, beacuse, as he says he doesn’t believe in video art anyomre, and as someone else says. he’s probably just fooling us all.

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