Purple Diary

[September 7 2018]

See exclusive photos from “Puppy Love”, Michael Maxxis’ upcoming film starring Paz de la Huerta and Hopper Penn

Written and directed by music video director Michael Maxxis, the dramatic comedy is based on a year in the life of Maxxis’ male cousin (Hopper Penn) Morgan Fairchild during which he falls in love with Carla (Paz de la Huerta), an homeless woman.

SYNOPSIS : This is a year in the life of MORGAN FAIRCHILD, an intellectually and socially stunted 23 year-old virgin. It’s a year that sees him fall in love with, and then move on from, CARLA, a homeless, crack-smoking, heroin-addicted hooker he meets through his older brother DANNY. It’s an account given by Morgan himself while soaking in a hot tub at a community center with strangers. And so it begins . . .
Morgan shares an apartment with Danny, a former kickboxer with a penchant for violence and an appetite for booze, gambling and hookers, and that’s where he meets Carla.

At first, Morgan, without any real social skills or friends, pays Carla just to spend time with him, be it sitting and talking in his beat-up car or cruising the streets where she sells sex. Night after night, Morgan patrols the streets in his car, looking for and meeting up with Carla. As dysfunctional as it is, the relationship grows.

Morgan falls in love with Carla and embarks on a doomed-to-fail relationship that sends him on a bizarre journey through a seedy world of drugs, perversion, and violence. As dark and weird as the relationship may be, it ultimately shapes Morgan and sees him grow in confidence and sense of self. Carla’S love for Morgan is so deep that she releases him , because she know she will only destrooy him if she holds on to him . Her demons are stronger than Morgan”s love for her but her demons are not stronger than her love for him.

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