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[April 15 2013] : fashion

Running Out of Time

Running Out of Time by Dean Freeman

‘Running Out of Time’ is a short fashion film directed by Dean Freeman. The film was produced by Ridley Scott and Associates and stars Amanda Viola.

The film shows a girl running through the streets of LA wearing a stunning Dior couture gown. There are sirens in the background indicating that she‘s running from something, but what? A heist? A wedding? A hit that’s gone wrong? She sees a big house and breaks in. We don’t know if she knows the owner, or simply sees the house as an refuge and
escape from what she is on the run from. The house is a place to get some freedom and explore. She explores every corner, fingering through the books in the study, where she is drawn to a mysterious drawing on the table.
After playing on the bed and curling up in the bath, she peruses the wardrobe put on with a vintage hat and boots, and she’s back on the run. Running away from her crime or possibly a past life, she runs through the canyons, forest and nature to find a sense of freedom in the sunset on the top of the Hollywood Hills. You can see her joy. at having found the
freedom and escape she so desired.

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