Purple Fashion

[October 23 2014]

Ann Demeulemeester book with a forward by Patti Smith, out now!

“On the other side of the world, shadows fell on the girl who had recorded Horses. With her true love gravely ill, she was fated to continue life without him. At a time of deep loneliness she received a package from Antwerp—an exquisite white box tied with black ribbon—like a photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe. She set it on her worktable by the window, laid the ribbons aside, and raised the lid. There, beneath layers of immaculate tissue, were three white shirts. She unfolded and spread them in the light, examining every stitch. In truth, I was that girl and this modest gesture produced the joy of recognition. I understood that I was not alone. When at long last I stepped back upon the stage, the girl of Flanders brushed the dust from my shoulder, adjusted my collar, and laced my boots. Unconditional friendship radiated from her shy yet playful smile. Freedom exists in the soul of one’s work. Ann bequeaths this intangible aspect to the wearer. It can be felt as one buttons a weightless chemise or dons a mystically bonding coat. It can be felt in a feathered circle, in winter flakes falling upon the black sleeves of night.” – An excerpt from Patti Smith‘s introduction “The Girl of Flanders” taken from Ann Demeulemeester, published by Rizzoli.

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