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[March 10 2014] : fashion

Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)

Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) by Alan Del Rio Ortiz

“If you are always living in the moment you are always paying attention, if you are always paying attention, there is always something to find, if you are always finding something, you are always learning something, if you are always learning something you are happy.” Paula Goldstein Di Principe collaborated with Director Alan Ortiz to create a film for Kangol Headwear, based around the idea of her creative families readiness to explore and become part of any city they live in, “wherever they lay their hat”. Shot in NY this short film shares the intertwining perspectives of the the city and thoughts of actor and rapper Ty Hickson, Artist and Creative Consultant Cleo Wade, Brand consultant and Nightlife Impresario Eamon Kelly and Paula who is the Director of Purple Boutique and Founder of Voyage d’etudes.

Director – Alan Del Rio Ortiz

DOP – Ben Poster

Creative Director – Paula Goldstein Di Principe

Talent – Cleo Wade, Ty Hickson, Eamon Kelly, and Paula Goldstein Di Principe

Make-up – Jen Myles

With Special Thanks to – Sean Leon

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