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[January 31 2013] : music

Oracle / MPRSSS A New Music Project by Mary Charteris by Rob Hawkins

Purple is excited to reveal a new electronic music project by Mary Charteris named MPRSSS. Mary explains her newest steps in music came together as a natural relationship with a band “Every time my husband, Robbie is on tour I use his studio. Ive been experimenting with beats and synths and a wide range of effects for a while and this is just the beginning.” The slightly sinister video was created by director Rob Hawkins who described his darker references saying ” I always liked the vhs film that the antagonist in David Lynch’s the Lost Highway uses, and wanted to incorporate both the raw aesthetic of this ‘ found footage ‘ as well as it’s voyeuristic creepiness . So we filmed the more macabre scenes that suggest murder/suicide in that innocent/crude manner. Certain imagery refers to specific things, for example when reading about german cannibal Armin Meiwe, (who filmed all his crimes on videotape) the first man he got over under the proposal of eating him changed his mind once he was wrapped in cling film and his body had been marked up for all the different cuts of meat, as you would do a cow or a pig. This is where the marking with the lipstick came from.” Click here to find out more about MPRSSS

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