Purple Diary

[January 15 2016]

Servane Mary and Michel Auder “The Pop-Up Postcard Project” opens on January 17th at Cleopatra’s, New York

In conjunction with the screening of Michel Auder’s 1970 film, Cleopatra, Servane Mary and Auder have organized a pop-up postcard project with support from Martos Gallery. The two artists have invited a number of guests to submit images for postcards that will be sold at $2 each to support Cleopatra’s exhibition space. Participating artists include Liam Gillick, Bob Nickas, Adam McEwen, Michel Auder, Aaron Young, Olivier Mosset, Constance Armellino, and more.  The Pop-Up Postcard Project opens on January 17 at Cleopatra’s, New York.


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