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[December 12 2011] : love

Never Thought I Cared

Never Thought I Cared by Matthew Frost

Matthew Frost presents a young girl played by model Anna de Rijk, as she reflects on the death of her parakeet and the crumbling of her love life, as she walks the remains to their final resting place. Her swaying mood is successively accompanied by a tentative beginning violinist and a full blown orchestra both playing the same piece. The vituoso violinist Jascha Heifetz offers her the guiding advice she needs to get through it all.

“I was initially approached to shoot some footage of Anna, who I’ve always wanted to shoot photos of. Beyond her striking resemblance to Charlotte Rampling she has a genuine sweetness and grace to her. Something innocent and sharp at the same time, with a hint of sadness too. So I came up with a story she could live in comfortably. She had never acted before but she got it right away and did great. Nathan Brown who was in “Enter The Void” (Gaspar Noe, 2010), helped me out by played her careless boyfriend.”

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