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[November 11 2014] : art

Moon Dust exclusive trailer

Moon Dust exclusive trailer by Scott Reeder

Purple TV presents an exclusive trailer for Moon Dust by artist and filmmaker Scott Reeder to coincide with the screening at Anthology Film Archives New York which takes place tonight from 8pm.

Moon Dust is the story of a declining lunar hotel set in a dysto-comic future. Once a popular destination for tourists, Moon World has been eclipsed by Mars as the solar system’s hot spot and has since fallen into disrepair. The once cutting-edge attractions of the resort have become obsolete along with the motley crew of employees who manually operated them. With Mars as the “new moon,” what remains here is an alienated lunar workforce orbiting slowly, without purpose. Reeder wanted “to do something that involved a pessimistic and banal future but with a sense of humor…where the sets and props almost become characters themselves.” The result is a film that combines the metaphysical angst of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris (which Reeder considers “a bit too long and not very funny”) and the visual wit of Jacques Tati’s Playtime, into a sprawling, mundane, yet engaging narrative. The film was shot sporadically over the past eleven years, and while props, sets and clips of the film have been exhibited during that span, this event marks the first public screening of the film in full

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