Purple Diary

[November 2 2017]

An exclusive preview of Nobuyoshi Araki “Blue Period / Last Summer” published by Session Press and Dashwood Books

The iconic Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki will be releasing in December his new book Blue Period / Last Summer published by Session Press and Dashwood Books. The book features mainly nudes and portraits, alternated with city life scenes and pictures of flowers. Blue Period and Last Summer are two projects part of Araki’s film work, as he explains “The two films should be seen as a set, since Blue Period is about the past and Last Summer is about the future. By removing color using a chemical solution, Blue Period is about an act of subtraction (past), whereas adding color to the images in Last Summer is about an act of addition (future). This project is just like life itself.”

Blue Period / Last Summer is available to pre-order here !



Photo Nobuyoshi Araki

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