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[May 24 2013] : music

Love Tap’s present “A Pair of Trees”

Love Tap’s present “A Pair of Trees” by Poppy Gordon and Nathan Anvil

“About a year ago two friends, Jason Rossi and Frances Tulk-hart, got together in NYC and formed the band Love Taps. Over the weeks and months of singing, writing, rehearsing and performing they slowly began to fall in love. Their story is documented in the some of the 7 songs that will be released on their EP later this year, produced by Bryce Goggin of Trout Recording. It’s a melody of tunes that “sound like a summer storm, chunky romantic folk, a broken waltz in a the fields.” At the end of last year John Tan of Visual Tales commissioned them to write a song and make a video for the ” Love issue”…They enlisted the creative services of good friends Poppy Gordon and Nathan Anvil of “Feral production” to make this music video with them. Over the course of a fall weekend, armed with super 8 and16mm film they danced and sang their way around upstate New York and made this video “A Pair of trees”.

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