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[February 10 2013] : music

Benzel’s Fallin Love by Haley Wollens

This dreamy acid sleepover “Fallin Love” is the second song in the trilogy of videos director Haley Wollens created with Analisa Teachworth for the R&B producers, Benzel.” Wollen’s explains how the film came together describing “We collaborated with friend & artist, Korakrit Arunanondchai to design the interior of this bedroom from his black lit bedspread to the ultimate mood lighting. The posters on the wall are images I’ve saved for years, pieces that plastered the bedroom of my 17 year old self. The plants in the room were found moments before we started shooting; Analisa found them on the street, dozens of disregarded flowers left outside a church; obviously just for us. Pussy, pills, puppy love, purple haze, play dates… again, this story indulges in the fantasies of my youth.. I am still waiting for a boy to crawl through my window…”

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