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[February 24 2012] : love

A Lovely Mess

A Lovely Mess by William Strobeck

This is a short film by William Strobeck who describes it as ‘So basically I had filmed a bunch of stuff of family and friends within the last year using Super 8 film and computer video chats.Recently i was asked to make a film for a “one night only” showing here in New York.So I took this footage I knew I had and edited it together to where i think everything fit properly. This is what came to be “My Lovely Mess” Starring Chris Kennedy, Lizzi Bougatsos, Chloe Sevigny, Lilly Ludlow, Stacy Strobeck, Tara Subkoff, David Clark, Alex Olson, Lil’ Naomi and Natasha Lyonne.


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