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[September 7 2012] : art

Harrappa by Seana Gavin/ Rhys Coren

London artists Seana Gavin and Rhys Coren got together to produce the collaborative video piece “Harrappa”, being seen for the first time online at Purple.fr. The work was made for a group exhibition curated by Stephen Dunne titled ‘Zerrissenheit’ from Rise Berlin, a show based around Hegel’s ideas of being torn to pieces. Here the tearing is physical. The video work is an exploration of cut up, found imagery, both paper and digital. The starting point was a hand made paper collage landscape made by Gavin depicting a fantastical lost city. The piece draws on her fascination with sci-fi, dreams and the supernatural. Artist Coren took the collage landscape and created a moving digital interpretation of the space, using found online imagery and digital footage to play with the ideas of image overload in the piece.

Seana Gavin’s work has been exhibited at The Hole in NYC and 3939 in London. Her collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro is out this autumn. Rhys Coren was included in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries and he has recently showed at Seventeen Gallery, London and at 319 Scholes, New York. He is the co-founder of acclaimed online gallery Bubble Byte. ‘Zerrissenheit’ opens on September 8-22.

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