Purple Art

[January 29 2024]

Gerhard Richter’s exhibition at David Zwirner, London.

The exhibition delves into perception’s fixity, spotlighting his shift from celebrated abstract paintings to drawing and installation. The new works on paper, using ink or pencil, highlight Richter’s intensified focus on drawing techniques. He employs dripping and shifting for vivid ink drawings and combines varied elements for pencil works, uniting choice and chance. Recent pieces showcase Richter’s persistent interest in reflection, using glass and mirrored surfaces. Notably, his Spiegel series features wall-mounted panes of tinted glass, inviting viewers to explore both within and beyond. Vibrant lacquer-behind-glass paintings from 2010 evolved into the Strip paintings (since 2011), digitally derived from abstract paintings and mounted on glass. Despite their computerized creation, Richter classifies the Strips as paintings, exploring both the historical implications and future possibilities of the medium.

On view from January 25 to March 28 at David Zwirner, London

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