Purple Art

[March 25 2014]

“NEW NEW” Exhibition Opening at Magic, New York

NEW NEW is a group show featuring works from artists Gogy Esparza, Maggie Lee and Peter SutherlandThrough sculpture, installation, photography and digital collage, NEW NEW presents each artist’s interpretation of rebirth or a “new beginning.” Consequently, light hopeand refelction are prominent themes throughout the exhibition. Usage of mirrors, layered images of different opacities, and translucent window installations and sculptures manifest these motifs. References to the artists’ childhoods and teenage nostalgia, paried with bright, pastel colors and textures evoke feelings of youth and revival. Keen on paying homage to Magic’s Canal street location, much of the work incorporates the aesthetics of the marketpaces and goods often found on Canal and it’s neighboring Chinatown blocks. Photo Elise Gallant

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