Purple Diary

[February 15 2009]


Vito Schnabel invited artist Terence Koh to do a show in Richard Avedon’s former studio at 407 East 75th Street, which has been preserved exactly at it was, unused since the legendary photographer’s death.
Terence transformed Avedon’s white cyclo studio into a silent, peaceful and foggy salon, with monochrome ultra-white paintings in different formats scattered on the wall. This show is all about subtle sensation, its like the room is filled with smoke, but there is nothing in the air. Upon closer look at the paintings you realize that there is no paint, but a white powder on the surface of the canvas. In a childlike way, you can’t help but reach out and touch the pieces, leaving your fingers covered in a soft, almost cosmetic powder. When you sense the texture of the art work, suddenly everything is connected: the paintings, the cloudy atmosphere, the beauty industry, photography and the memory of Richard Avedon. oz

Photo Olivier Zahm

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