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[June 3 2014] : music

Cerebral Ballzy / City’s Girl

Cerebral Ballzy / City’s Girl by Honor Titus

Released in 2011 through The Strokes Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records is punk band Cerebral Ballzy sophomore, self-titled, album “Jaded and Faded.” Fronted by Honor Titus, son of Dres from the 90’s rap group Black Sheep, the band hail from Brooklyn, New York. According to the lead singer, Honor Titus, the name Cerebral Ballzy came from a friend who dropped a slice of pizza on a train track and picked it up. Honor said “That was ballsy” and his friend replied “Cerebral Ballsy!” In this clip for City’s Girl, directed by Honor, the band restlessly roam New York. In a No Wave style similar to Jarmusch, Titus frames the video in DIY punk style using grainy, black-and-white images throughout. Not only a director, singer, but also a poet, Honor will be reciting his poetry in areading on june 4th at Niagara Bar, New York.

Official Music Video from Cerebral Ballzy’s sophomore album, “Jaded and Faded.”


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