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[November 8 2017] : music

Palm Springsteen “She’s Got Claws” Video premiere

Palm Springsteen “She’s Got Claws” Video premiere

Purple TV presents the music video premiere of LA-based band Palm Springsteen She’s Got Claws.
“She’s Got Claws is about the macabre sensation of someone metaphorically digging their claws into your love life. So instead, armed with a smoke machine and an extremely literal interpretation of the song, we hotboxed our friends basement in Brooklyn and filmed ourselves clawing each other’s faces on an iPhone. Besides bringing a whole new meaning to the term “scratch track”, we got to face-wipe each other with monster gloves while trying to look cool.” said the band.

‌Palm Springsteen‘s sound, which is made up of Nick Hinman, singer and frontman, Hayden Tobin on guitar, Kyle Sirell on drums, and Luca Buccellati on synth, mixes elements of new wave, post-punk, synth pop and tears them apart to make a sound that they like to call “blow pop in space”.  “I like to say that it’s interchangeable with the word grease from the song “Grease” from the movie Grease” jokes Nick, who confesses to be strongly influenced by the likes of Alan Vega, in using his voice as a percussive element as well as melodic.

She’s Got Claws is the third new single of the band together with Sister Sister and Hey There Cowgirl for 2017, while they are working on their forthcoming debut LP, Trouble in Paradise.



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