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[January 28 2013] : music

A flash in the forest / Reptile Youth by Diana Kunst

This film was directed by Diana Kunst for Danish band Reptile Youth and their song “A Flash In the Forest”, from Reptile Youth’ debut album and is the newest episode in the ongoing video project in which the band asked 10 different directors to produce music videos for each of the 10 songs on their debut album. The video stars young artist Cosmo MacDonald. Kunst explains the concept as “The video I made is an interpretation of the original words of the song. The video shows the sensations of a boy that lives in the city. He doesn’t feel free in the city and he realised that where he really feel free and confortable in the forest. He is tired about crowds, pollution, advertising… he’s tired of not seen nothing “real”, like nature. I choose Cosmo as I think he related personal to the need for a sense of freedom and so could play the role of this character with a real understanding meaning the film came together in a very natural way.”

Directed, shot and edited by Diana Kunst. Starring: Cosmo Macdonald Special thanks to: Tomás Peña, Luca Guarini and Juan José Lorenzo.

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