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[June 20 2014] : music

Austra / Habitat

Austra / Habitat by Matt Lambert

Purple TV presents Habitat, the new single from Austra’s newly released EP. Canadian electronic trio Austra collaborated with Berlin-based Filmmaker Matt Lambert to create the video to accompany the catchy song after having recently collaborated with him on their album artwork and his adaptation of ‘La Jetée’ for ARTE. The video revolves around three parallel love stories on a bleak Saturday and explores the fragile and tender moments of anxiety and anticipation that lead up to first intimate contact. This video is a continuation of Lambert’s film and photographic work surrounding youth, love and sexual identity in a post-digital age.

Produced by VISION FILM CO.

Director – Matt Lambert

Executive Producer – Geoff McLean

Producer – Jason Aita

DOP – Bobby Shore

Production Designer – Zazu Myers

Editor – Andi Pek

Colorist – Marcus Badow

Stylist – Alana Ka’kia

Domino Records / Paper Bag Records Produced with Financial Assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.

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