Purple Radio 2070

[June 7 2022]

Molly Lewis for Purple Future Radiooooo

The Cyber War of 2066 wiped out the remaining methods of listening to music, after the plug was violently pulled on the internet. Of course I was pissed, I was regularly making 85 credits a month on streaming, which in those days was sufficient for an old codger like me to buy enough VR time to live solely in a world of my beloved online backgammon.

But what to do now?

I sat with the other stragglers beside our campfire, and they asked me if I’d play some tunes, if I could even remember how. For the younger ones I tried to paint a vision of those soulful creatures we’d once called birds. I wanted them to remember the things they had never seen, and for a brief moment it kept us warm. ‘Bon Vent’ our dear old world…

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by Molly Lewis

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