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[September 20 2015]

A Trip to FORM Arcosanti, Arizona

I’d heard of Arcosanti through friends that had stayed there on an off night during a tour once but the first time I ever saw it for myself was in June of 2014. I think it’ll be a while before anything similar to FORM manifests, especially in this country. I feel such expansive gratitude to the band Hundred Waters, I believe them to be some of the true visionaries of our time. I’ve always loved, and historically chosen to live in, communal spaces… I like the shared experience of breakfast especially. At FORM I got psychedelic with seven of my friends at 9:30 in the morning! We spent the day hiking and ended up laying on the edge of a mesa looking down into the canyon where lichens cover the red rock in swirling tides of bright red, orange, yellow to brilliant shades of green and periwinkle. I was so happy that day and it was beautiful; we all lost our minds together and felt no concern for the future. Then I watched Julianna Barwick and Moses Sumney turn the world upside down! It’s beyond the measure of words I think. There, I barely slept. One of the reasons for it was that I found this place at dawn that I fell in love with. Some night after I returned to New York, I woke up while the sky was still in crossfade and I stayed awake just to walk in the diffused light, to be nearer, in homage to the desert.

Text Julie Byrne and photo Kalika Farmer


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