Purple Travel

[January 5 2018]

A trip to Morocco

It’s was a four hour hike through the Rif Mountains before we met with the unfamiliar pitter-patter, a drumming vibration. Our hash-trail tour guide, who was well ahead, waved his hand to signal us to his families hash-making facility, a humble home-workspace built into the landscape. His mother takes a break from filtering kif (a process that involves beating a mesh-wrapped bundle of marijuana) to greet us. Her son quickly fills her position while she hosts. Joints are rolled for sampling and lunch is served.
Hash tourism is one of the many hustles in Morocco. On a slow trip through the country, I documented the spirit of the every day hustle in Morocco, a theme that was consistent throughout the country’s ever changing landscapes and diverse cosmopolitan centers. This is a visual ode to the late night belly dancers, who storm a room with confidence, and the teenage fruit vendors who wait roadside with patience. And it’s an appreciation of all the slow moments that unravel in between.

Text Amira Asad and photo Prod Antzoulis


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