Purple Art

[November 2 2021]

“La Grande Profondeur (The Deep End),” an exhibition by Harold Ancart at David Zwirner, Paris

Belgian-born, New York–based artist Harold Ancart presents his first solo show in Paris featuring three-dimensional relief forms cast in concrete, and painted with rich layers of color that recall art-historical, architectural, and everyday influences. Bearing the traces of their making, the pools share the surface materiality and color of the paintings for which Ancart has become best known.

“The deep end opposes itself to the shallow end. One may rightfully argue that these sculptures are shallow. However, these sculptures are painted. Isn’t something painted automatically granted with infinite depth?” – Harold Ancart.

Deliberately ambiguous, the pools present numerous dualities: positive and negative space, form and surface, abstraction and figuration, and, ultimately, sculpture and painting.

On view now until November 20, 2021 at David Zwiner
108, rue Vieille du Temple, Paris

Photos by Jac Revald

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