Purple Art

[March 7 2014]

Kika Karadi “OPM” Exhibition Opening at the Journal Gallery, New York

Kika Karadi’s “OPM” works are large-scale, monotonal paintings derived from the practice of automatic drawing. Using an invented mark making technique, Karadi’s process of painting by removal incorporates masking tape and oil-based black ink first applied on glass, then transferred to linen. The immediacy inherent in the process is apparent in the paintings, in which the tools, such as imprints of tape or a corrugated cardboard surface, are allowed to remain evident. Randomized removed gestures lead to scribbles of seemingly arbitrary shapes, creating a visual tension that provokes the viewer to access the work via intuitive recognition based on their own personal memories and experiences. These works represent a departure from Karadi’s earlier paintings inspired by 1930’s and 40’s film noir and horror cinema. Photo Elise Gallant

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