Purple Travel

[March 2 2015]

A trip to the harbors of Auckland and Timaru, New Zealand

It was December, after a long flight from Berlin to London, then to Singapore, then catching another flight to Melbourne and then, after 38 finally landing in Auckland, the starting point of another adventure – to join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for their campaign in Antartica fighting the Japanese whalers.

After few days I left Auckland on board the Brigitte Bardot, and then on to another ship, the Steve Irwin. After a month sailing around the Southern Ocean, we stopped by for some hours in this little town in the south of New Zealand, Timaru.

The feeling to be back on land, even if it was for just a short time was great, to be able to sit in a bar, walk around and stretch our legs and meet other people. These photos are a documentation of what I was able to see in the few hours I spent there.

Text and photo Giacomo Cosua


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