Purple Art

[May 28 2018]

Jan Fabre “Folklore Sexuel Belge (2017-2018) Mer du Nord Sexuelle Belge (2018)” exhibition at Galerie Templon, Paris

Dealing between traditions and sarcasm, Jan Fabre orchestrates a joyful show about Belgium, his native country. The exhibition takes place in the new space of Galerie Templon, which highlights the multidisciplinary abilities of Jan Fabre, artist, choreographer, and stage director.
The Belgian nation is celebrated by the artist with sculptures and drawings, mocking popular beliefs. Combining childhood, religion and sexuality, Jan Fabre disconcerts the visitor, who keeps a curious festive impression at the end of the exhibition. By blaming the ecclesiastical and political powers, Fabre creates a show full of historical references. Among others, there is a Virgin Mary offering a huge fish, an angel holding a snake, or a penis hanging from a cross. These huge pieces vary with little framed postcards, which are inspired by publicities from the 50’s of a famous Belgian chocolate, reminding typical Belgian landscapes, processions or scenes from everyday life. In the first part of the exhibition, called “Sexual Belgian Folklore”, Fabre’s extravagant work is balanced between subtlety and vulgarity, hidden by costumes and masks like during a carnival parade. The other side of the show, called “Sexual Belgian North Sea”, focuses on the aquatic life, so close to human’s sexuality. Questions about religion, heritage and obscenity are in the spotlight of this dexterous exhibition, edited and offered by Jan Fabre, The Good Belgian Artist.

Folklore Sexuel Belge (2017-2018) Mer du Nord Sexuelle Belge (2018)” is on view until July 21, 2018 at Galerie Templon, 28 Rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare, Paris.

Text and photo Eugénie Devos

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