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[February 24 2017] : fashion

The Making of Ghost in the Shell (1995) by Mamoru Oshii

Nightlife queen of underground dance floors Hannah Holland makes her debut on Crosstown Rebels with “Fade To Me” featuring her longtime partner in crime DJ and vocalist Josh Caffe. With this electric track, Holland and Caffe bring their signature sound that in their own words it’s “sleazy as hell!” while German duo Tuff City Kids provide a remix that ups the tempo and twists the sound into their own.

The visionary multimedia artist and music director Roger Spy expertly directed the psychedelic experimental music video, which he describes as a “deep, sexy, underground beats set against a Warholesque, lo-fi experiment in which the subject melts and morphs from ‘reality’ into an alien creature that is remodelled/decaying in its own hyper color otherworldly... Read More

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