Purple Night

[July 15 2013]

COS X Serpentine Park Nights Summer Party at the Sou Foujimoto Pavilion, London

This summer COS are supporting Park Nights, a series of events, screenings and talks that take place at the 2013 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion designed by Sou Fujimoto. Karin Gustafsson (Head of Womenswear Design) and Martin Andersson (Head of Menswear Design) explained the importance of the collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery and the brands affilation with art : “Since the creation of COS we have associated ourselves with the arts; whether it is through the interior design in store, our window displays or features on our website. By collaborating with The Serpentine we hope to continue to define ourselves as a company which has a special relationship with the art and design world. We believe that our customer shares our interest in the arts and design universe and because of our relationship with the world of art and design we value the opportunity to give something back to an organisation and share with our customers. The sponsorship of The Serpentine’s Park Night series came quite naturally to us, as we are continuing to support the arts and creative projects, whilst working outside the fashion sphere. The Park Night Series also embodies COS’ values in terms of accessibility to the public, the support of you and up and coming artist with an overall educational background. We are also big fans of the Serpentine being and educational institution which portrays a very democratic as well as organic image. Supporting the Park Night Series specifically interested us for its diversity; it consists of a talks, screenings, debates and performances and really allows the spectators to have a holistic experience within the incredible pavilion space.”


Photo Flo Kohl, text Paula Goldstein Di Principe.


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