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[January 12 2015] : art

Versions (2010)

Versions (2010) by Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric’s “Versions” (2010) is an ongoing project about the coexistence of both the original and copy in Western culture. It proposes that present methods of creative production challenge the hierarchy of an authentic or auratic ‘original’ image. Rather than privileging a primary object, Versions suggests a re-direction for image making, one in which bootlegs, copies and remixes increasingly usurp ‘originals’ in an age of digital production.

Versions takes different forms and iterations, including a series of documentary style monologues over montaged images and video clips, polyurethane casts based on reformation damaged religious figurines, a re-issued bootleg publication of a Margaret Bieber’s Ancient Copies (an academic text that deals with the protraction of Greek aesthetics into Roman art), as well as other sculptures and appropriated items that explicate contemporary image circulation and their exchange through present and historical conditions. The project serves as a conceptual point of reference for the rest of Laric’s practice, in which a flattened image economy is mined for creative production and in the process looks at the consequences for hybridity in contemporary culture.

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