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[May 12 2014] : art

Rita Goes to the Supermarket (2000)

Rita Goes to the Supermarket (2000) by Jessica ​M​itrani

Rita Goes to the Supermarket takes a satirical look at the air-conditioned aisles where women shop for dairy products, detergents, and dripping packages of bloody meat. This unforgettable musical adventure is shot in candy-colored 35-mm film.

The short film was broadcasted in ARTE-WDR France- Germany. Featured in numerous film festivals including competition at the 47th international short film festival Oberhausen in Germany and is part of the permanent collection of several museums and institutions.

Written and Directed: Jessica Mitrani and Sofia Mitrani

Camera: Francisco Gaviria

Executive Producer: Roberto Caridi

Produced with the support of the Colombian Ministry of Culture

Music: Luis Ernesto Arocha & Jessica Mitrani

Edit: Luis Ernesto Arocha and Jessica Mitrani

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