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[February 14 2014] : music

One of the Girls / Fatal Jamz

One of the Girls / Fatal Jamz by Abigail Briley Bean

A dream girl, and a lonseome mechanic… sunset and mist across the Malibu dunes… tight leather pants and bulletproof cars sparkle as Marion Belle sings to us from his heart-shaped tub about wanting to be One of the Girls. And the vanishing beauty might be out of reach, but it is certainly worth living for…. As for the song, Marion says “it was inspired by an all girls slumber party my girlfriend had at our apartment, where I was a fly on the wall serving hors’ doeurves while they played dress up + drank champagne till dawn. I always wanted to be in the girl’s world anyway I could. After football practice in high school, we’d take our shoulder pads off and walk back to the locker room. Some of my best memories are of walking past the field hockey girls sitting in the grass and getting a big smile. That’s it, that’s a treasure, whole worlds arise in that split second bc you glimpse into another person’s spirit. On a different level it’s just about feeling beautiful and honoring that power, which is the theme I care most about.”

Featuring Sylvia Kochinski

Directed by Abigail Briley Bean

Edited by Alex Lee Moyer

Special Thanks to Mercedes Motoring + Actually Huizenga + Sissy Sainte-Marie

Song produced by Evan Collins Conway

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