Purple Diary

[June 4 2011]

CRYSTAL OF RESISTANCE BY THOMAS HIRSCHHORN at the swiss pavilion / the best show at the 2011 biennale which absolutely deserves to win!

“Love. In the work Crystal of Resistance, The crystal is the love part of my form and force field. The crystal stands for the universal, the ultimate and for the absolute. The crystal stands for beauty itself. I am thinking of a child, a girl who finds her “own crysal” – perhaps her first – she finds it herself or receives it as a gift, and – for this girl – it’s th emost beautiful crystal, and to her, it will always remain the “most beautiful”! That’s why each crystal is for me the “most beautiful”. Thomas Hirschhorn

Read more about this amazing, scary, poetic and radical exhibition on www.crystalofthe resistance.com

Text and photo by Olivier Zahm

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