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[April 1 2013] : art

One-Liner by Jenny Holzer

As an exclusive preview of a work by Jenny Holzer this is watermarked to protect the original work. Jenny Holzer’s One-Liner (2012) is a 25-minute digital artwork created exclusively for s[edition]. A selection of 20 phrases from Holzer’s series Truisms (1977-1979) play across the screen in a loop, approximating the appearance of the LED displays that have long been associated with Holzer’s work. Holzer’s interest in the LED medium resulted from her awareness of the power of mass media and a subsequent desire to ask how this mode of communication affects perception, knowledge and truth. The Truisms series is comprised of over 250 single-sentence declarations, which Holzer wrote to resemble existing maxims or cliches. The work, Video – Full HD 1080p, 25 mins 3 secs /Still – High-resolution image (PNG), 1918x1080px, is an edition of 1000.

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