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[February 28 2014] : fashion

Me & She

Me & She by Matt Lambert

This short film from Matt Lambert with music by Purple captures a glimpse into the life of German Lavrovsky, his friends, lovers and inspirations. Lavrovsky’s fashion label based, in Moscow, fuses Russian religious iconography and homoerotic imagery. Lambert explains “I see so many portraits of young designers and fashion films that capture faux scenes. They are as empty as the clothes they feature. From my side of the creative world, I find it consistently disappointing when young filmmakers and photographers don’t make a statement with the talent they have. It’s especially not often that young fashion designers move outside of the realm of the industry/self-referential. During the dramatic political tensions surrounding the Russia LGBTQ communities, German Lavrovsky has been able to use pop, play and his collection as mediums to address the political, religious and heterosexual institutions of his country.”

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