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[May 21 2014] : music

Mark Barrott / Go Berri Be Happy

Mark Barrott / Go Berri Be Happy by Sam Alder

Purple TV presents the beautifully blissful sound of Mark Barrott. Directed by awarding winning director Sam Alder, “Go Berri Be Happy” by Mark Barrott is a collision of footage from Bali, Ibiza, Japan, and Asia in general. The footage reflects the tale of the majesty of life and the world we live in. “Go Berri is all about a ‘normal’ young woman in Africa living her day to day life and being content with that, without needing all the baggage / pressure of the ‘i device’ lifestyle the Western world now seems so dependent on for it’s happiness. I wanted the video to show the simple majesty of this beautiful planet and the scope and diversity of the oneness that makes it what it is,” says Barrott, “Look up once in a while – you may be surprised at what you see!” Taken from his forthcoming debut album, “Sketches From An Island,” Barrott was influenced by his new home of Ibiza after living in Uruguay where he started his highly-respected International Feel label. After producing an eclectic range of music under various monikers Barrott set his eyes on balearic dance music.

Mark Barrot’s “Sketched From An Island” will be released on June 2nd on the label International Feel.

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