Purple Magazine
— The Island Issue #35 S/S 2021

raoul hausmann


all artwork by RAOUL HAUSMANN
copyright the artist,
musée d’art contemporain de la haute-vienne,

one of the key figures in berlin dada, the young artist and photographer fled the nazis with his wife and lover to take refuge on the small, almost unknown island of ibiza, from 1933 to ’36, where he could survive on very little.

a pioneer of art photo­graphy, experimenting with nudes and still lifes, he was one of the first artists to create the myth of ibiza as an island of fantasy. he also did serious research on the island’s native architecture (fincas), a major inspiration for the modernist movement. when franco took over, he was forced to leave and never returned.

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The Island Issue #35 S/S 2021

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